About Me

“Reinvention”…the action or process through which something is changed so much that it appears to be entirely new. That’s me!

Hello everyone! I’m Madeline. Known to most as a corporate professional by day and culinary creator by night. Hence, “Corporate 2 Culinary”! I not only reinvented myself over my career, but I reinvent myself every day, too! I whisk home from work every night, kick-off my heels, put on my comfy flats, and trade my briefcase in for an apron!

Like so many of you moms, dads, and singles, we try to make or buy something for dinner every night when we get home from one of our many jobs. For some, you dread it as if it were an act of torture. For others, you may have an interest in cooking, and you just wish you could spend more time on it or have more energy to do it. And then there’s that small percentage like me that can’t get enough of it and wish you could do it both day and night! I know, call me crazy!

So, whatever category you fall into, how about we take this journey together? Let’s go to work during the day and cook along-side each other at night! I’ll show you how to make cooking simple (yes, cooking can be simple), fun (yes, it can be fun, too) and wonderfully scrumptious, all at the same time! And we’ll get to know each other through the wonderful art of cooking, conversing, and creating, and with a dab of entertaining and decorating! All while sharing ourselves with our family, friends and the very special people in our lives.

Let’s Get Started!!!!!