Dream Kitchen: A Friends and Family Debut

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So how lucky am I that one of my grade school friends lives in my neighborhood, saw my dream kitchen post and is in the process of redoing her kitchen! Maureen and her husband came for a visit this past weekend and we couldn’t stop talking and catching up about life, family, and the piece de resistance….remodeling her kitchen!

She has the same model house as I do and I was so happy to offer suggestions, help with selection, budget, and figuring out how to manage the whole process. Her husband was so gracious as I rattled off all sorts of ideas and got Maureen’s head spinning!

So, I realized that I could get a little carried away when I’m in my zone of cooking, baking, entertaining and decorating! And when there’s an opportunity to share in that excitement, well how great is that!

The big question we are trying to answer for Maureen’s kitchen remodel is the decision on how much to do because they may downsize in 5 years or so. Balancing that with their desire for beautiful materials and the highest quality can be challenging, but that’s what Corporate2culinary is all about! Balance! Don’t all decisions involve balance or compromise of some kind? When I’m at work, there is so much we want to do in the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) Foundation to help children live healthier all across the world. How do we compromise on that? Well, we set our “North Star” (as we call it at work) to guide us and help us identify our priorities! When decisions arise, and we are torn between which direction to take, we go back to the “North Star” to guide us, and that’s where my rule of three can come in! What are those top three things we are striving for? Does the decision we make align with those three priorities? So when you have to make lots of decisions and don’t want to get overwhelmed, like for a kitchen remodel (or any remodel for that matter), ask yourself the following:

If these are the top three priorities for a remodel, what is most important to you in each of these categories for your kitchen?

  1. Function (how you use it, space you have, storage and ease of prepping, cooking, and serving)
  2. Design you like (modern, traditional, country, contemporary, industrial, eclectic, coastal)
  3. Budget (materials, labor, time involved)

When you think about design, what are three colors that create your color palette?

  1. Warm tones, like browns, tans, creams, yellows, golds
  2. Cool tones like grays, blues, whites, black (although black can go with anything)
  3. Vibrant tones, what I call teals, salmon, bright white, pops of red or pink

When I remodeled my kitchen, I looked around my house at the style I have, what colors excite me, and how much I love to cook and entertain when surrounded by a home that brings me joy that I can share with others. After my kitchen was finished, and my family had their Covid vaccines, we gathered to make my traditional Meatballs and Pasta with Red Sauce and I had the pleasure of teaching my nephew Kevin this long-time family recipe.
























So, what are the ingredients you want to add into your mixing bowl for your kitchen remodel? Can you envision the good times you can share in your new kitchen as you start making so many new memories? All I can say is, “It’s a Blast! Go for it!”

Let’s Get Cookin’


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