Happy Endings and New Beginnings

Selfie of Ben and me, and the table of contents for my e-books


As the year comes to an end, we all tend to look back and can’t believe how fast the time went! Yes, when we were young, we wanted the years to go fast so we could graduate high school, go to college, fulfill our dreams and live on our own! But as we get older, time really does seem to go by with greater speed. Life for me seems to get busier instead of slowing down. That’s a good thing! 

There are so many things I look back on that happened this year, like working hard at my job, at building a food and lifestyle blog, being in the moment with family and friends at home, in Ocean City, NJ, and Virginia, and especially having a second granddaughter, Amelia Rose! Yes, this year also included loss of loved ones, family health scares, work challenges, and just so much turmoil in our world. How do we really keep it all together? 


One way I know of which may sound so cliché, but truly spending time with family and friends sharing the comfort of good food, a warm home and love for being with one another is highest on my gratitude list, each and every year. And how blessed I am to have so much support from them to pursue my passion. It felt like a lifetime ago when I tried to make a go of a food service business and received so much encouragement and help from them, and a special group of my “friendleagues” (colleagues who are not just colleagues, but dear friends too) during my career at Vanguard. They would all chip in and help without asking for anything in return.

And as I recreated my brand a couple years ago, more family, friends and new “friendleagues” came to help! A young but old friend, my social media marketing manager, Ben Meyers @some.body.like.you, creates all my reels, social media posts, and coaches me on how to bring my best self to Corporate2Culinary. Working full time and building a blog business would not be possible without his creativity, talent and expertise. 

And my cousin, Marc, who designed my logo and my e-books. Talent galore! His creativity is amazing, and is heart is larger than the moon! Lauren Grow @thetalkabouttown (and her friend Anjelica Finore), who took photos and video for my website launch, and Lauren, giving her marketing expertise throughout this journey.

Erin Morrissey @erinliveswhole, whose amazing journey of a young woman who took a chance on healing herself and others through her passion for good food, health and lifestyle has been more than just inspiring! And John Zeiger, zygrinsites.com, who set up and manages my website, always there to expertly make updates and changes. 

And, of course, my immediate family who puts up with me cooking in the kitchen at all times, taking photos and video where I can. I think I am even getting my son, Andrew, into perfecting his art of smoking and he even sends ME videos now! He’ll even snap a picture of his masterpieces now! I’m so proud! 

And finally, to all of you who follow and encourage me to continue on this crazy journey in hopes I can help make a difference in your lives, whether it be to spend a little more time in the kitchen learning to cook, (or wherever your happy place is), and surrounding yourself with all the love you deserve knowing we are all connected in love and it’s that connection that fuels us to live our best life. Not always easy, but always together. 


So looking to 2023, I am taking account of my blessings, and setting goals that build off these blessings in both my professional and personal life. Of course, there’s always my typical New Year’s Resolutions in the health, finance and organization categories like to lose weight, exercise regularly, mediate, read more, manage my daily schedule better, reduce clutter and simplify my home, and the list goes on and on! So I know you’re probably thinking I should add “focus” and prioritization” too, right? Well, you are right!

My motto is “The Best Things In Life Are In Threes”! So I should take my own advice and focus on three top priorities! Easier said than done! But I’m up for the challenge! I’ll be revealing them in the New Year, but you can bet that at the heart of them all is how I can help you to balance everything life can throw at you without letting it get to you! And, of course, inspiring you to enjoy gathering with family and friends over good food, drink, and all sorts of experiences, whether planned or at the last minute!

And, guess what! There’s a cook in everyone! Trust me! Even my sister, Connie, is showing off her new-found cooking skills in her new kitchen which I was honored to be part of and help her with ideas and décor! So we’ll have to show if off to you one day! 

I’ll leave you with this one question: “What will your new beginnings be in 2023?” 

Until next time,

Meet me in 2023 right here at Corporate2cuinary.com! 


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