Let’s Get Cookin’!

Grab a big cutting board, sharp knife, some garlic, herbs, olive oil, red pepper and a little orange for color and taste, and you’ve got a marinade for chicken or pork! Oh, and grab a glass of wine, too (if you are of age to drink, of course)! I love sipping on a glass of wine while I am chopping onion and garlic, or sautéing ground beef in my cast iron pan. I have a TV in the corner of my kitchen where I work, and I love watching the Food Network, HGTV, or a favorite show on Netflix or Prime Video. My phone sits on a little stand to the right of the sink, and if family or friends stop by, they know to grab a counter stool and pull up to the island to chat and have a drink while I cook. Frequently they will ask to help, and I’m thrilled to give them a task! I have extra cutting boards and knives if I need vegetables or cheese cut, a salad bowl to break up romaine for a Caesar salad or a bottle of wine to open and pour everyone a glass!

Anyway you want to dice it (lol), my kitchen is my happy place! It brings joy to me so that I can bring joy to others. How many times have we all heard, “Everyone always loves to hang in the kitchen!” So, let them! Establish your zone so you can move around and cook without interruption, but be connected and part of the conversation. Don’t stress about everything coming out perfect! As long as everyone is laughing, hugging and snacking on an appetizer with a beverage in their hand, everything is already perfect! When I worked in the restaurant business as a waitress (a long time ago), and we would get slammed with customers for dinner, a wise owner said to me, “Just make sure you get bread and drinks to your customers as soon as they sit down. Then they will be relaxing with some food and drink and be content while you do your best to serve them.” That’s how I feel in my kitchen!

There are many times I won’t worry about fancy serving dishes or plates, but I’ll just serve in aluminum pans, using paper plates and plastic ware. During the summer when we go outside, I have plastic drink glasses and paper cups. I’m so excited to share so many cooking and entertaining tips with you, and I can’t wait to hear from you, too!

Thank you for being part of this journey!

Let’s get cookin’! 


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