Perseverance, Focus and Balance for 2023

a light brunch with sushi, smoked salmon, veggies, fruit and nuts



For me, personally, perseverance is something I have thought a great deal about recently. There are so many times in my life that I pursue new opportunities, get excited about new ideas, see what the possibilities could be, I go full steam ahead to reach my goals. Yet when I think about the way I am, I realize I love to start things, but tend not to see them through all the time.

john and me on new years eve 2022

So this year, I am pledging to persevere through these new opportunities and some current ones I’ve been working on for awhile! I must lose some weight (I know, a lot of us say that every new year), finish a large project at work, and continue to grow my blog, hoping to help others by sharing what it means to be in the moment, enjoying good food, good company and surrounded by beauty and just being together.   


With so much on our minds these days, it’s a wonder our brains don’t explode with everything we carry in them! If you’re like me, you’ve got your professional work, parent(s) to take care of, children and grandchildren to love and support, friends you want to be with and stay in touch with, a home to take care of, bills to pay, family to feed, and trying to find time to care for yourself. Well, I do believe you can do anything you put your mind too, and time can be an excuse sometimes to make you feel better when you don’t do something you set out to do. Am I right?

In 2023, I am trying to think about what I will focus on each day, and keeping it simple to three priorities that will support my overall goals. That seems to be what the research says, too! We really can’t keep more than three things going at any given time in which we need to make progress on or finish. 


And last but not least, balance. Life isn’t always easy, not is it always difficult. It’s not always bright, and it’s not always dark! Bringing in those extremes to stay steady on course, staying calm, focused and strong through what life throws at you will make a huge difference, and I can’t wait to show you how! I’m not saying I know everything by any means, yet if I can share one thing that helps you have a better day, be closer to your loved ones, or release some stress and worry, I will have humbly felt I have made a difference.

So as I try love to make and enjoy delicious food, I will balance it for you with eating healthier and preparing simpler dishes when time is of the essence, or you are tentative about your cooking skills. I learn each each and every day about a new technique, new ingredients to pair together or new equipment for your kitchen and décor for your home.

Today it’s about making a simple and light brunch with some pre-made sushi, and homemade egg salad, a smoked salmon platter with greens and veggies, some fruit, nuts, a few potato chips for crunch along with bagels and cream cheese (yes, some carbs but in moderation it is ok)! 

a light brunch with sushi, smoked salmon, veggies, fruit and nuts

So please come along this journey with me, sharing what you feel comfortable sharing, whether it be cooking tips and tricks, recipes, what makes you feel good, what causes you stress, or just what’s on your mind anytime! We are all connected to love, support and encourage each other! 

Until next time,

Let’s get together,


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